Mountain hotel Mních***

Bobrovec 909, 032 21 Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovensko

GPS: 49.150 85 S, 20.285783 V reservation

Discussing language

Slovak, Czech, English language (without simultaneous interpretation).

Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings on CD can be based on individual requirements complemented with presentations or images in commonly supported formats (bmp, pcx, jpg) or directly in pdf format. Proceedings will be distributed according to the addresses listed in the presentation.


Partners may promote their businesses in the form of posters during the breaks. Their presentation in electronic form can be part of the Proceedings of the Conference on CD.

Social program

The social program is going to be a part of conference. The conference participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the natural beauty of Ján valley and also
visit the highest mountain in Slovakia High Tatras. We also recommend you to use the possibility to extend your trip in the pension UNA until Sunday.
For further information on attractions and cultural events of Liptov region can be found at:
Information centre of city Liptovský Mikuláš